Publisher Refund Policy

  • Refund Policy is applicable to Gold, Platinum & Premium Publisher Only. Silver & Creative Publisher fees are not refundable.
  • Amount equal to Publisher fee will refunded in installments at the rate of 10% of your Payout from your third month’s payout onwards till the expiry of your Publisher. (From 10th week Payout in case of weekly payout)
  • No Payout generated means No refund will be processed for that month.
  • Minimum Payout of Rs. 1000 required for processing of Refund Amount.
  • For an Example if Person “A” Join on 1St January 2016 with Gold Publisher (Rs.3650/-) and started earning with work pro. He is eligible for refund after 1st March (after two months), Now his Payouts of March (Weekly/monthly) will be eligible for Refund. Let’s assume that person “A” generate payout of Rs. 10000/- for the month of March then his payout will be 10000 + 1000 * = 11000 Out of which Rs. 1000 will be treated as refund of his Publisher fee. (* at the rate of 10% of the payout of 3rd Month).
  • Refunding of Publisher fee is a part of company promotions & publisher’s motivational activity so is not challengeable legally.
  • No members can claim Refund of his Publisher fee (for whole or in part) in any case or in any way whatsoever other than mentioned in this refund policy.
  • All rights of implementation of the refund policy are with Company Management & Decision of management will be final in this regard.
  • Management may Change, Edit, Update & withdraw the refund policy anytime and will be applicable to New members registering after the effective date of New policy. All rights related with refund policy are reserved with the company management.