The Concept

This is an Innovative Idea which is now transformed in to an opportunity for all. The concept is based upon need of the time of new era, We first took in to consideration the requirements of Advertisers and what we found that Advertisers struggle hard to get the right customer at the right time. In general they publish their ads to Mass media Like News papers, Magazines, Hoardings, Pamphlets, TV and Commercial etc. Where they think that there may be few people who can be their possible customers and in that hope they spend lot of money on advertising and in turn charge that money from the people who turn into their customers. In current era Advertisements in mass media are costly enough and can’t be afforded by the local advertisers so the local advertisers simply loose an opportunity to grow their business, so here our innovative idea becomes a reality. We at WorkPro have simplified the entire process of advertising by delivering the targeted advertises directly to the possible customer only, and this reduces the cost of advertising & making this entire process totally cost effective to the advertiser. In the current and future era almost the role of internet are about to grow rapidly, and this fact is also supported by various initiatives by Government like Digital India etc. Finally the fact comes out that in future everyone of us will be connected online in some of the way and the future of our Innovative Idea of targeted advertising based upon finding the right customer online by exploring the opportunities over internet. There are so many platforms of finding the right customers online which includes Free classified ad websites, various forums, social media etc. where we can trace the right customer by tracing online activities, write-ups, views of the user.

Now Our Idea has grown in to one more horizons and that’s the Idea of providing work & income opportunity to everyone who is in need. So instead of hiring some employees in office for our publishing work we simplified the process by searching a publisher in you, And this way what we found good is “The more different people...The more different thoughts” So that we can be able to deliver the best possible results for advertisers by making them cost effective. So here at WorkPro we brought win-win situation for everyone. Advertisers are happy because they get more ‘customers’ instead of more ‘viewers’ as compared to mass media advertising, and that made WorkPro a cost effective solution and our low cost advertising efforts enable everyone to advertise their business by less worrying about advertising cost. And in other hand Many People get some work to do from the comfort of their home and earn money as per the efforts they put in to work. It’s all Simple... rather simplified you can say.